Spa Masters was established by a group of professionals with backgrounds in Beauty, Spa education, business management, generalist human resources, marketing, advertising, foreign languages and financial administration within the Spa and fitness industry.

Its founding members have years of experience in spa consulting, spa staff recruitment, spa training and system implementation at all functional levels, the need for formally trained therapists and executive spa managers was found including spa business owners who lacked significant knowledge about the industry which would lead to unexplainable business failure, which lead us to establish premier education facilities to combat this need.

As the Spa and leisure industry grows there has been an overwhelming increase in demand for not only qualified therapists but most importantly business minded and formally trained Spa Managers or Spa Directors, owning and running a spa has become more than a luxury but a viable business and recognized profession, whereby major profit gain can be achieved.


Our aim is to prepare you significantly for the spa industry that is ever evolving and is growing at an unpredictable rate; by giving you the tools you will need to stay ahead of your competition, making your resume more marketable and helping you achieve a sizeable financial gain to your investments.

We at Spa Masters believe in staying ahead and taking into consideration the ever changing international cultural trends, we are cost effective, professional and ethical; good value for money offering a quality service approach, your world will never be the same.


To promote quality education in the health and wellness therapies by developing the student's personal, and intellectual goals and helping them acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to provide professional and ethical services. Equipping them to international standards making them more marketable.

Our Goal

To offer an unrivalled introduction to an international career in Beauty therapy, in an exclusive and relaxed atmosphere for students to learn and grow. Small class sizes provide the opportunity for personalized attention and growth as each student explores many of the modalities of therapy.


We are a diverse company and specialize in many different portfolios in the health and beauty industry, to find out more information pertaining to your interest please click on the links below